How to make High Quality Videos with iMovie 6 HD

Last month I had to do a video for my job. Windows Movie Maker was not being nice with me, so I turned on my iBook G4 and started making my video. The video was an MP4 in HD (720p) but after I imported with iMovie 6 HD, the video lost its entire quality. It was unwatchable and unacceptable. I spent an awful amount of time researching on how to fix this. I realized that this problem was also present when you tried to import pictures to iMovie 6 HD. There was no answer on the internet, and I was about to give up, when suddenly I found the solution to this problem. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to import/make High Quality Videos with iMovie 6 HD.

1. Open iMove 6 HD. In the iMovie menu, click on 'File -> New':

2. In the create object window, choose '1080i' as video format and click on create:

3. Now, click on File again and click on Import and select the movies or pictures you want to import:

4. Ok now here comes the tricky part, this worked for me and I hope it works for you. If the video or the picture imported is still the same low quality and blurry, click on File and then click on Export:

5. In the 'Export' Menu, choose 'Quicktime' for the share method, and 'Expert Settings' for the compress type. Then click on 'Share':

6. Change the Format type to MP4 and then click in Options:

7. In the 'Options' screen, set file format to MP4, video format to MPEG-4 Improved, data rate over 9,000 kbits/sec, image size to 1280 x 720 (HD), and then click in Ok:

8. After that you will be taken to the 'Save' dialog, and click 'Save'.

9. Wait for the low quality file to be encoded:

10. Now, Quit iMovie and shut down your laptop. Don't restart, you must shut down your computer.

11.  Turn your computer on again, open iMovie and create a new project in iMovie. Now your files should be imported as high quality.

I hope this works for you. It worked for me and now I am doing HD movies as crazy now.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much for this tutorial it was so useful for my project and wouldn't have been possible without this help. Thank you.


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